Let's Meet @ 1st Annual SemiX Summit 2023 @ IIT Mumbai

Nov 27 – 29, 2023

Victor Menezes Convention Centre
4WM8+2XJ, IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai,

Maharashtra - 400076 (India)

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Let's Contribute For Inventing Our Semiconductor Future Together!

SemiX, the Centre for Semiconductor Technologies at IIT Mumbai, looks forward to hosting you in an immersive exchange of ideas on India’s semiconductor research and development. Come and meet India’s premier talent and participate in advancing Research, Workforce Development, and Entrepreneurship.

Meet our CTO Prafulla Wadaskar (PhD)

As a panellist for the Session

R1-4 Research

Flexible Electronics & Sensors

Seminar Room 15, First Floor

Mon, Nov 27, 2023